Trodat Goldring Smart Style – Black (33 x 8.7)

Trodat Goldring Smart Style – Black (33 x 8.7)

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Ideal for a quick stamp and signature on the go for any business man or entrepreneur. The Goldring Smart Style stamp prints a rectangular with maximum of 4 lines of text.

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Writing instrument and stamp all in one—the Goldring series persuades with its functionality and timeless design. Many people value this exclusive writing instrument and underscore their individuality with it.
The combination of high quality writing instrument and functional stamp, enables numerous applications and makes Goldring products ideal as personal gifts.


Goldring writing instruments persuade through their timeless design, precision, and reliability: a strong partner for a strong personality.

Clean imprint

The ingenious mechanism ensures optimal pressure distribution across the entire text plate guaranteeing smooth, clean imprints.


The materials, mechanisms, and finishing process meet the highest standards of quality thus ensuring the user a lifetime of enjoyment.

Smart Function

The top of the Smart Style Touch Pen allows precise and gentle touch screen operation of smartphones and tablets.


The cap of the Goldring Smart Style can be personalised with a CO2 laser, thus creating the “Silver Effect”. The engraved characters shine silver giving the pen an exclusive elegance.


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